When you ask someone “what are your hobbies?” you tend to expect the usual answers of reading, drawing, yoga… but you probably don’t expect them to say “oh I’m into murder”.

True crime is something I’ve been obsessed with for as long as I can remember. I don’t know how or why it started, although I think my mum’s love of CSI: New York and always having it on for several years maaaay have had something to do with it. When I was in high school and applying for uni I desperately wanted to study Criminology and Law but sadly didn’t have the grades for it. I’ve always described myself as “morbidly curious” as weird as that sounds. I’m not particularly squeamish and I like to know the gruesome details of a crime while others tend to close their ears or look away.

I promise I’m normal. Stay with me.

Let’s go into the main reasons why I love true crime.


Nuff said really.

It is though! From robberies to abductions, to murder and fifty year old cold cases – everything is so interesting. I can never learn enough and I always want to know more. I recently did an online course on Forensic Science because of my interest in true crime and it’s genuinely one of the best things I’ve ever done. I learned everything from toxicology and blood spatter to being able to calculate the exact time that someone died. Again, morbid stuff but so interesting.

2. It’s educational

So there’s tonnes of stuff to learn about the crimes themselves, but there’s also things to learn about keeping yourself safe. Everything I’ve ever watched or read has almost kind of helped me prepare myself for a horrible situation. Being able to know how someone survived something as terrible as a shooting or a kidnapping can potentially help you to prepare for the worst to happen. I think this is also called being extremely paranoid but you also never know.

3. My dream job is a criminologist

Or a lawyer. Or a forensic scientist. I’d be happy with any of them. Genuinely, if I could go to uni now I’d definitely study forensics and criminology in some way. Unlike most subjects in school, this is something I’d be so interested in and everyone knows it’s so much easier to learn when it’s something you actually want to learn. Sadly I don’t have the time (or the money) to go to uni so I’ll just stick to reading books and pretending I’m a lawyer while watching The Staircase.

I’m really hoping this isn’t coming across as “I think crime and murder are great, yay!”. I’ve always said that unless it’s something that you’re also obsessed with – you just wont get it. I’m very lucky that I have a couple of friends who are exactly the same, and also that Cam just puts up with me at this point and occasionally watches a documentary with me (what a babe).

I’d be really interested to hear if any of you guys love true crime as well, it’ll make me feel less weird if you do! I also really want to start doing occasional true crime posts about my fave true crime podcasts/books and cases that I find super interesting, so let me know down below if you’d be interested in that!