A few months ago I did my first every sponsored post (yay) with the company Old English Co where I talked about their enamel pin collection and how adorable they are. Now I’ve actually bought some of their pins and I’m here to show them off to you! I still feel like the enamel pin craze is going round Instagram, or maybe that’s because I just follow loads of pin creators but hey, I’m still obsessed with them and I’m so happy I now have some of my own to show off and be part of the gang.
Have a little nose below to see what I bought:

1. Monstera plant leaf pin (£7.00)
Monsteras are my favourite ever plants so obviously I had to get a little gold, shiny pin to carry about with me!

2. Happy lil pumpkin pin (£7.00)
Anyone who knows me knows that I live for Halloween. It’s my favourite time of the year and with this pin it’s technically Halloween everyday.

3. “She believed she could, so she did” pin (£7.00)
Just a little bit of motivation to have on me at all times. This quote is one of my favourites and it keeps me going whenever I start to feel demotivated. Plus it’s super cute.

4. “Buy me pizza and tell me I’m pretty” pin (£7.00)
Nothing else to say about this one other than: ME

5. “Start somewhere” pin (£7.00)
Again, just a lil motivational pin to remind me that every little idea always has to start somewhere.

6. “You’ve got this” keychain (£8.00)
I keep this on my car keys and it tends to reassure me about the inevitable parallel park I’ll have to do at some point. 
What’s your favourite thing from this lil haul?
*the items in this post were purchased in partnership with Old English Co.